The New Tea Companion (Book Review)

The New Tea CompanionI bought this book at this year’s World Tea Expo.

It’s the third edition, which has been updated with new material.

The authors are Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson. Bruce was at his booth and he signed the book for me 🙂

I liked the fact that the book is rich in pictures. There’s one in almost each of the 260 pages.

The first part of the book is about tea’s history. It’s a light read, nothing too extensive.

Next there are two parts which make up almost all of the book: Tea production, and Guide to teas from around the world.

The authors did a good job in covering all the basics, such as the tea plant, the types of tea, brewing equipment, etc.

I really enjoyed the last part. It was my favorite.

It’s a directory of tea producing countries, along with pictures and tasting notes of some of the teas.

The main countries are described in greater length, while the minor ones have a small section at the end of the book.

It’s quite a thorough list. I was surprised to find my home country as well: Colombia. It’s the first time that I see it in a tea book.


I’m happy I bought this book. It’s a good addition to my collection.

To buy this book from Amazon, click here.


  1. Valeria
    September 6, 2016

    Thanks for sharing, Ricardo! I’ll think about buying it…seems interesting!
    Have you read a book by Shana Zhang, The Wild Truth of tea: Unraveling the Complex Tea Business, Keys to Health and Chinese Tea Culture? I’m reading it now, and it is mostly very sad…telling many secrets hidden behind the scenes of tea industry. I’d like to know your opinion on this book…
    And good luck with your trip to Japan!

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      September 6, 2016

      Hi Valeria

      I haven’t read that book, unfortunately. But I can tell you that there are many unethical things being done in the tea world. It’s a sad truth. At the end, you have to choose your trusted tea vendors carefully.

  2. Amanda
    September 8, 2016

    I love tea books and this definitely sounds like one I would like to get for my collection.
    And so does The Wild Truth about Tea.

    1. Ricardo Caicedo
      September 8, 2016

      Thank you for your comment Amanda.
      I do recommend this book for your collection 🙂


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