Sakura Mochi

sakura mochi
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Sakura mochi (桜餅) is a wagashi (Japanese traditional sweet) that’s usually wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf.

Basically, it’s a pink colored rice-based dessert with a sweet bean filling.

The cherry blossom leaf is pickled in brine.

Another option is to use a pickled cherry blossom instead of the leaf.

There are two main types of sakura mochi: Kansai style and Kanto style.

The Kansai style sakura mochi uses domyoji flour, which looks like pieces of glutinous rice.

If you don’t have domyoji flour, you can prepare it with mochi rice.

As for the Kanto style sakura mochi, it looks like a folded crepe.

That one is made with shiratamako flour.

I found these recipes for each type:


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