Obsidian Bowl

obsidian matcha bowl

This is a product from a Kickstarter campaign by Sanko Matcha Products.

It’s a matcha bowl that has been specifically designed to improve whisking.

They call it “one-dimensional matcha whisking”.

One only has to to whisk in a single path over the same surface, unlike the traditional round matcha bowl where more area hast to be covered.

Basically, the idea is to make matcha whisking quicker and easier.

Let’s test it

I received a sample so that I can share my results with you.

Although I already know how to whisk matcha correctly, I’m very curious about this bowl.

The shape seems odd.

I wouldn’t call it beautiful, but it isn’t ugly either.

It has an interior glaze, and according to the Kickstarter page it is dishwasher safe.


I prefer to wash it by hand, anyway.

After placing the matcha inside and adding the hot water, I positioned the bowl so that the spout was facing me.

At first it’s hard to tell how to hold it properly.

I decided to hold it in a similar manner to a normal matcha bowl.

That is, from the side.

Another thing that I did was to use a non-slip mat below it. That way it wouldn’t move as I whisked.


I did the forward and backward motion with the chasen (tea whisk), and I immediately started to notice a layer of foam.

This bowl’s rim is shaped in such a way that even with vigorous whisking you won’t spill the matcha.

It’s undoubtedly easier and faster to get a good foam with this bowl.

I usually drink the matcha straight from the matcha bowl, but this one is meant for pouring.

I did just that, and it pours well.

You can hold it vertically with no effort as you pour.

It would be good to see the results that a total beginner would get.

I’ll be using it every now and then. It was a fun experience.

The Kickstarter campaign is ending soon, so please take a look at it if you find this matcha bowl interesting.

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