Maiko Tea Chiyo Mukashi Matcha

Maiko Tea Chiyo Mukashi Matcha

This is my first tea review of 2024.

I decided to taste the Chiyo Mukashi matcha from Maiko Tea.

According to them, it is used by many tea houses in Japan.

In their lineup, this matcha is at a middle point.

It isn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive.

A high grade matcha

I’m not sure why some of Maiko Tea’s matcha is labeled as high grade, while others are ceremonial.

It doesn’t correlate with price. This one, for example, has a higher price than three of their ceremonial ones.

I would consider all the ones that I’ve tasted from Maiko Tea to be ceremonial grade. That is, they aren’t culinary grade.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the tea at hand.

It has a good enough color.


The aroma is sweet, more than anything else.

I think that it also has some lightly roasted notes.

After adding hot water, the mixture has a sweet, fruity aroma.

Maiko Tea Chiyo Mukashi matcha brewed

It frothed well. Either that or I haven’t lost my touch after all these years.

So now all that’s left to do is to actually taste it.

A good sweetness and a high umami taste.

I didn’t find it astringent at all, even though the product page has a rating of one star in terms of astringency.

Needless to say, it isn’t bitter either.

I’m also sensing marine notes. I don’t find it so vegetal.

The aftertaste is enjoyable.

Nothing too fancy, but rather the straightforward taste of a high quality matcha.

It offers a great value for its price.

I’m happy to start this year with such a good tea experience.

I wish that many good things happen to you as well.

Here’s the product page, in case that you are interested in trying this matcha.

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