How a Chashaku is Made

the making of a chashaku

I’ve often wondered how the chashaku (the tea scoop for matcha) is made.

I didn’t have the opportunity to see the process in real life when I was living in Japan.

But recently I decided to learn more about it, just out of curiosity.

I mostly watched different Japanese videos.

I’m not good at handicrafts, unfortunately.

So I don’t really plan to make my own chashaku.

Besides writing, my other skill that I often use is cooking.

As you might imagine, my specialty is Japanese food.

I like the feeling of creating something delicious out of the ingredients.

An artisan probably feels the same way.


Taking raw materials and transforming them into something much more valuable.

Here’s a short video about the making of a chashaku:

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  1. Deynise
    May 15, 2024

    So many precise, small cuts involved! Amazing handwork.


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