Hotta Katsutaro Shoten Organic Matcha

Hotta Katsutaro Shoten Organic MatchaI had this sample lying around for a long time, but hadn’t opened the package until now.

I’m glad I did because I liked it a lot 🙂

Since this matcha was inside a sealed can, it was in a good condition.

This organic matcha is made by Hotta Katsutaro Shoten, a tea company in Uji city, Kyoto prefecture.

I love matcha from Uji. It’s very famous.

I’ve also enjoyed many good matchas from Shizuoka. But unfortunately I don’t have much experience with matcha from Nishio, which is also well-known.

But let’s focus on today’s tea tasting.

Tasting a matcha from Uji

I’m totally convinced that this is a ceremonial grade matcha. It has a refined aroma that’s sweet and refreshing.

The aroma itself isn’t very intense, but there’s something very attractive about it.

Its color is a vibrant green. Very good color for a matcha.

I’m already thinking that it will be delicious.


Hotta Katsutaro Shoten Organic Matcha brewedAfter whisking, it quickly frothed. Again, it has a good color.

This matcha has a balanced taste, with a good umami flavor. It feels sort of mellow.

Of course, it isn’t very astringent, nor bitter. Instead it offers a light sweetness.

It was a pleasure to drink it.

I’m very thankful for this sample. I’ll drink it regularly this month.

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